Chapel in the Pines

On the property is the 1960-era slab concrete roof, Seabee-built Chapel in the Pines. This is one of the most unusual buildings in the world. The exterior walls have been stabilized and repainted and we have replacement pews. The interior needs to be painted and new flooring installed.

The WW-II, Korea and Vietnam era Seabee veterans who have given their time and talent to make the Seabee Museum and Memorial Park a reality wanted to make sure that future generations remembered the sacrifices of today's Seabees. The first monument to the fallen Seabees of the Gulf Wars was dedicated in the summer of 2009. A memorial wall with plaques for each of the fallen Seabees is centered by a flagpole that came from the last Navy Seabee administrative building at the Quonset base.

The Seabee Museum and Memorial Park now serves as the home of one of the premier historic military sites in Rhode Island, a place where former Seabees can demonstrate and preserve the "Can Do" spirit and  recognize the past, present and future contributions of the US Navy Seabees..