These are examples of Seabee  Battalion patches from the Museum's collection. They are embroidered on cloth, about 3-inches in diameter.







On D Day on Normandy’s beaches, approximately 10,000 Seabees of Naval Construction Regiment 25 manhandled pontoon causeways onto the beach.

It was over these causeways that the infantry charged ashore.

The pontoons used were designed at Davisville, Rhode Island and examples can be seen at the Museum.

The first decorated Seabee hero of WW-II was Lawrence C. "Bucky" Meyer, of
the 6th NCB.  During
his off-time in Hawaii, Meyer repaired an abandoned machine gun. On Oct.3, 1942,
he used this  gun to shoot down a Japanese Zero.

Meyer won the Silver Star for his actions but he was killed 13 days later
by Japanese
naval gunfire


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Welcome. The Seabee Museum and Memorial Park began as in idea in the minds of a group of retired Navy Seabees who were members of Seabee Island X-1 Davisville.

In the late 1990s, the original home of the Seabees, Camp Endicott, Rhode Island, was deactivated by the Navy and the land and buildings were transferred to the State of Rhode Island.

Island X-1 approached the state with a plan to lease or transfer about 6-acers of land containing the historic concrete Chapel-in-the-Pines, constructed by the Seabees in the 1960s, three ammo bunkers and two Quonset huts. A key component was moving the famous Gate Seabee a few hundred yards north to its present position on the Museum grounds.

A non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation was formed originally made up of members from Island X-1 Davisville.

It’s important to note that this is a Seabee Museum, built by Seabees, run by Seabees, for Seabees and their families, as well as for the public. The majority of physical support comes from volunteer former Seabees, the Seabee Reserves, and the wives, sons, and friends of Seabees in Rhode Island.

From its founding, the Seabee Museum and Memorial Park has stood on its own, collecting grants from federal, public, and private sectors. The majority of funding received to date has been from the MCB-6 Association, other Seabees, the Rhode Island State Preservation and Historical Society, the Federal HUD Office, and a Federal Grant from the Department of Defense (allowing Seabee Reserves to perform a full summer training program here). While this may sound significant, it’s only a small percentage of the bricks and mortar required to complete this tribute to the "Original Home of the Seabees."

The Museum Today

The Seabee Museum and Memorial Park is committed to keeping the proud history of the US Navy Seabee's accomplishments alive at their original home. Here’s how you can help:

  • Tell other Seabees what’s happening at Davisville ... we are alive and well !!

  • Voice your support through direct contributions and company-match contributions.

  • Ask your employer to support Seabee Museum and Memorial Park. We have a number of Corporate Sponsorship opportunities.

  • If you live in the Rhode Island area, we could use your time and skills! We have 60-, 70- and 80-year-old Seabees who work here almost every Wednesday. Stop by, the coffee will be on and the welcome will be warm!

  • And ... estate donations are greatly appreciated.

Please take a look at our Donations page for more details.

Today's Seabees are serving around the world, building for peace and defending freedom. To read more about those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, CLICK HERE.

Looking for information about a deceased Seabee? Click HERE.

The Seabee Museum & Memorial Park is located in South Country, Rhode Island. With beautiful coastlines, seaside villages and a wealth of cultural attractions you will find much to enjoy, for a day or a week. Learn more, click the South Country Tourism Council logo below.

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